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Guaranteed Compliance


MRGDocs provides robust compliance checks through every step of the loan origination process. 

With a team of dedicated regulatory attorneys and mortgage experts  constantly monitoring  federal, state, local and investor requirements, MRGDocs is guaranteed to test for checks up to 8 months from regulatory change.



Robust Compliance Testing

  • Texas Home Equity 3% Fee Test.
  • HOEPA (Section 32) – APR, fees and prepayment penalty
  • Qualified Mortgage - APR and fees
  • State High Cost Tests - APR, fees and prepayment penalty as applicable
  • Federal Higher Priced Mortgage Loan - APR
  • Fannie Mae ATR Exempt - fees

flow.svg Up-to-Date Regulatory  Requirements

Constant monitoring for changes across more than 65 regulatory agencies from federal, state, and local municipality levels.

compliance.svgGuaranteed Compliance

MRGDocs’ content, calculations and compliance tests are fully rep’d, warranted, guaranteed and defended, and backed by a $10 million E/O policy.

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