Fair Lending, Redlining Analysis, Fair Servicing, and Batch Geocoding Modules

Crosstab Report

The Crosstab report has been added to the Fair Lending, Redlining Analysis, Fair Servicing, and Batch Geocoding modules.

Peer Analysis Module

2024 Census Data Download 

Users can now export the latest 2024 Census Data from the Peer Analysis module. This download will include the updates released by the FFIEC on March 7, 2024.

HMDA, CRA, and 1071 SBL Modules

Field-Level Edit Checks

In the Edit Checks tab of the record detail page, users can now select a field-level edit check and RiskExec will take the user directly to the field that is triggering that edit check.

Redlining Analysis Module

Peer and Market Totals 

The Peer and Market stack rankings reports now contain the totals for the Peer and Market.

Assessment Areas Module

Assessment Area Set Summary: Distressed and Underserved

The Distressed and Underserved designations have been added as a category in the Assessment Area Set Summary report. 


New Geocoding Source: Esri

Esri (https://www.esri.com/en-us/home) has replaced Microsoft BING as RiskExec’s backup geocoding source.

HMDA and CRA Modules

Manage Custom Edit Checks Update

Custom edit checks that were originally created by the RiskExec team cannot be edited. However, users can now replace these edit checks by selecting the edit check in the list and clicking on the Replace Edit button.

Branch List Report Update

The Branch List Report can now be grouped by Assessment Area. 

Peer Analysis Module

Preliminary 2022 HMDA Peer Modified LARs

On March 20, 2023, the CFPB released the preliminary 2022 HMDA Peer Modified LARs. Our team downloaded, converted, and checked the data. It is now available in RiskExec for immediate use.

Search Peer Sets
Users can now search for Peer Sets by entering the Peer Set name in the search bar.

On March 20, 2023, the CFPB released the preliminary 2022 HMDA Peer Modified LARs. Our team has downloaded, converted, and checked the data.  It is now loaded into RiskExec for immediate use. This year’s data has over 16 million records as compared to 26.12 million for 2021. In 2022, there were approximately 8.37 million Originations compared to 15.05 million in the 2021 HMDA Peer. These numbers represent a significant decline in both Applications and Originations from 2021 to 2022.

Note that the CFPB redacts certain data elements before it is made public. And the data set will evolve as institutions resubmit their data.  As such, the public data is subject to change and the following items should be taken into consideration when using this data for any analysis:

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team at riskexec.support@asurity.com.

Redlining Analysis

Peer and Market Results Now Available in 2022 Dataset Analyses

Users are now able to get peer and market results when running a Streamlined or Advanced Redlining analysis using a 2022 dataset.  

Redlining Analysis: Select In-Scope Geographies Screen Update

The purple color in the legend on the Redlining Analysis: Select In-Scope Geographies screen of the Advanced Analysis setup will now be representative of 5+ factors.

Sort Datasets List

Users now have the ability to sort the datasets list by any of the column headers. 

Fair Lending

Marketing Report 

A new report has been added to the Fair Lending module called the Marketing Report. This report is based on the Interagency Fair Lending Examination Procedures report. 

Download Matched Pairs Results Update

When exporting the results of a Matched Pairs analysis, the user is now able to have additional data fields present and more clearly define targets from comparators.  

Redlining and Fair Lending

Import Report 

An Import Report is now available in the Status column of the Fair Lending and Redlining Dataset’s list. 

Manage Institution

Manage Custom Tabs

Users are now able to rearrange their custom field tabs that display in the HMDA Application Detail page and the CRA Loan Detail page.

Peer Analysis

Peer Class Indices Average Rate Spread Report Update

Three columns have been added.

National Community Development Report

This new report has been added for CRA Respondent Group Peer Sets. 


FFIEC Census Data Update

RiskExec has been updated to include the most recent FFIEC census data released on August 26, 2022. 

Fair Lending Module

Proxy and Geocode Status

A new column has been added to the Datasets list that indicates whether or not proxies have been run. Additionally, the Geocoded column has been updated to display a checkmark if the dataset has been geocoded. 

New Report: Peer Class Indices Count

A new report has been added to the Fair Lending module called Peer Class Indices Count. The purpose of this report is to compare a selected dataset to the most recent HMDA peer data in a rolling four quarter format.

New Report: Peer Class Indices Average Rate Spread

A new report has been added to the Fair Lending module called Peer Class Indices Average Rate Spread.

HMDA and CRA Modules

Tooltip Update

In the Application Detail page in the HMDA module, and Loan Detail page in the CRA module, hovering over the “i” icon next to a field will now display a more detailed tooltip.

Executive Summary Report

The Executive Summary Report has been updated to allow users to more easily differentiate between the two report options: Loan Volume and Loan Amount. 

CRA Module

Institution Register Summary Report

The Institution Register Summary report has been updated to include the:

Assessment Areas Module

Business Counts Report

Additional category options have been added to the Business Counts report.

Redlining Analysis Module

Streamlined Analysis

Users can now choose to exclude the Target Respondent when setting up a Streamlined Analysis. 

Ability to filter by Agency Code, Respondent, and Respondent Type

Users are now able to filter any Redlining Analysis by Agency Code, Respondent, and/or Respondent Type.

Peer Analysis Module

Add Respondent Type Column to HMDA Rankings By Respondent Report

The Rankings By Respondent Report now includes a column that notes the Respondent Type (Bank, Credit Union, Non-Depository, or Unknown).

HMDA and CRA Module

View Branch and ATM Distribution Report by MMCT

Users are now able to review the Branch and ATM Distribution report in HMDA and CRA by MMCT. To do so, change the Report Field drop down from Tract Income Level to Maj Min Census Tract. 


Ability to Add Comments to Fair Lending and Redlining Datasets

Users can now add comments when creating or editing a Fair Lending or Redlining dataset. 

Dynamic Import Wizard

Pre-Configured Standard Formulas and the Ability to Save Calculated Field Expressions

Users now have access to a Standard Formula (a calculated field pre-configured by RiskExec) in the Dynamic Import Wizard that will calculate the Applicant Age and/or Co-Applicant Age. Users also now have the ability to save calculated fields they build themselves.

Fair Lending Module

BISG Proxy Update

The BISG Proxy has been updated for the case in which an applicant or co-applicant has two last names.

Add Column Sparsity to Regression Models

Users now have the ability to add a Column Sparsity calculation when creating a Pricing Regression or Decisioning Regression model.

Assessment Areas Module 

Tracts Demographics Report

The Tracts Demographics Report now includes a column that indicates with a check mark whether a tract is distressed/underserved. 


Location Geocoding Update in Manage Institution 

The geocoding has been updated for all locations that had tract changes in 2022. For those locations, we created a new version of the location with the new geocoding. For example, the branch below had a tract change in 2022, so a new entry for the location was added to reflect the correct geocoding. 

RiskExec Status Update on 2022 Census Data

We would like to give you an update on the status of the 2022 Census data that will be used for HMDA and CRA submissions in 2023.

There have been a few data releases in the last few weeks: 

Peer Analysis Module

Peer Finder Update

Users can now set a Respondent Type filter when utilizing the Peer Finder.

Fair Lending Module

Sex Proxy Update

An update has been added to the Sex Proxy function.

Assessment Areas Module

Locked Assessment Area Sets

A tooltip has been added to the padlock icon on locked assessment area sets. 

HMDA and CRA Modules

Searching for Data in User-Defined Fields

*Note: This must be enabled by the RiskExec team. Please send in a support ticket if you would like to utilize this feature.

Users can now use the search bar in the HMDA or CRA module to search for records using a value found in a User-Defined Field (UDF).


Fair Lending Forum

​​​The Fair Lending Forum is taking place in Charlotte, NC on May 2 - 4. Admission is FREE. Registration closes on Monday, April 18. Click here to register.

Manage Institution
Numeric User-Defined Fields

When a user selects Numeric as the Type for their User-Defined Field, a note will now appear describing the use-case for a Numeric field.

Peer Analysis Module
HMDA Respondent List Report

A checkbox has been added to allow a user to “Group by Peer Unit” if the report is run at the Peer Set level.

Fair Lending Module
Analysis Filters

If an analysis has a filter, or filters, applied to it, a filter icon will now appear with the analysis name. Hovering over the filter icon will display the filters that have been applied.

100 Year Average Proxy

When the CFPB/SSA DOB/FIRST NAME PROXY is selected, the proxy for sex will be based upon the first name and the Date of Birth (DOB) year field. If the DOB of the applicant is not present, the proxy will be based upon the average of the past 100 years of data provided by the Social Security Administration.

CRA Module

Regulatory Reports

RiskExec has added a set of reports that analyze the percentage of mortgage loans by income tract classification (low, moderate, middle and upper), located within your linked HMDA file. 

Additional reports covering small business and small farm loans have also been added.

Additional calculations for Aggregate Performance of a CRA file measured against the CRA Peer Data have also been added to the Geographic Distribution of Small Business and Small Farms Reports.

HMDA and CRA Modules

Edit a Field Batch Operation Update

Users can now use the Edit a Field batch operation to check a checkbox. To use this operation, select a field from the Field dropdown that is the checkbox field type and then select either Checked or Unchecked as the Value.

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