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Announcing Asurity Technologies’ Enhanced Compliance Disclosure and Closing Document Integration with Fiserv’s Mortgage Director

Asurity Technologies (Asurity) announces enhanced compliance, disclosure and closing document workflow automation with Fiserv’s Mortgage Director loan origination system (LOS).

By embedding Asurity’s compliance technology into Mortgage Director’s loan origination workflow, the partnership creates a faster, more compliant mortgage origination process at a lower cost and serves as the foundation for an integrated eLending strategy.

“We are excited about Asurity’s partnership with Fiserv’s Mortgage Director, which integrates into the loan origination process compliance rules developed by our team of legal experts, covering all regulatory and investor guidelines, and backed by our full reps and warrants,” says Andrew Sandler, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Asurity Technologies.

In addition to AsurityDocs delivering fully compliant national coverage for all loan types, the bi-directional integration features streamlined mortgage operations, including:

  • Integrated eConsent and eSign management
  • Disclosure history and tracking of borrower signing events
  • Automated indexing of borrower’s signed documents into Mortgage Director’s virtual loan and print form library

By applying within Mortgage Director data-driven rules for document content and compliance at different stages of the loan life-cycle, data gaps and potential compliance issues are identified and resolved before impacting closing.

The Fiserv integration extends inline workflow to Asurity’s RiskExec HMDA and Fair Lending software and to Asurity’s ecosystem of compliance expertise, providing additional analytic and preventative capabilities for client access. Configurable packaging provides custom solutions structured to meet the needs of every lending institution and its borrowers.

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To learn more about Asurity’s custom integration with Fiserv’s Mortgage Director, please contact us.

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