Asurity Technologies Releases New Version of AsurityDocs Platform

Asurity Technologies announces a new release of the AsurityDocs platform, bringing to the market an enhanced and modernized interface and better user experience. The AsurityDocs platform dynamically generates residential mortgage loan packages fully compliant with investor requirements as well as state and federal regulations.


With this upgrade, AsurityDocs’ comprehensive compliance engine now features:

  • A fully updated design
  • Enhanced data integration capabilities
  • Electronic signature, consent, disclosure tracking
  • Audit trails for document change management
  • Compliance dashboarding

The platform upgrades enable more seamless loan origination and more confident quality assurance. Consistent modern styling, increased accessibility, and user-minded navigation improves workflow and user experience.

“We acquired the Mortgage Resource Group (MRG)’s mortgage docs business in 2016 with the intent to create the best mortgage origination document business in the industry under the Asurity brand,” says Asurity Technologies CEO Andy Sandler. “AsurityDocs is now a fully modernized and dynamic loan origination document system with the most functional and user friendly UI in the mortgage origination process. We will be announcing further product enhancements and compliance solutions in the months ahead.”

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