RiskExec Product Release Notes – May 6, 2019

RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following enhancements.

Maps 2.0

Assessment Area/Peer Set names were not showing correctly in Maps 2.0 and have been corrected to display properly.

The quartiling data used in the themes for Peer Set Maps was corrected to use the data only from the geography selected in the Peer Unit of the Peer Set.

The Opportunity Zones layer has been added to the maps.

Manual Geocoding

In the Manual Geocode interface there are three new check boxes that the user can use to toggle off/on Tract and County Lines to make the map displayed less cluttered if needed. User can also select to display Satellite imagery on the map.

In the Manual Geocode interface there is a new text box on the upper right corner of the map where a user can type in an address and review the choices found. The map will zoom to the selected choice. This may provide an approximation of the actual location for the address. The user still has to click and select the exact location from the map.

Institution Administration

Locations can be now added and manually geocoded in the Admin – Locations interface.

ULI/Check Digit

We have received guidance from the CFPB/HMDA Help Desk that for certain ULIs the Check Digit could have multiple valid values (i.e. 01 or 98). RiskExec has been adjusted to correctly identify such cases and validate the check digits appropriately.


The Goals print report now shows the Target indicators selected by the user.


In the redlining setup the user is now restricted to 30 geographies. This helps to control the runtime for each Redlining. If you need this limit to be changed please contact your RiskExec administrator to have it increased.

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Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

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