A Smoother HMDA Submission Process

Review lessons learned from the 2018 submission and find out how to improve the process for 2019.

Mar 27, 2019
1:00PM EST

2018 was a unique and challenging year for HMDA reporters. While dealing with the complexity of additional required fields, HMDA Partial Exemptions were introduced halfway through the year and unique issues with the CFPB platform developed near submission time.

Throughout, RiskExec users experienced a smoother process compared to those using different tools. Find out how an easy streamlined process empowers you to triumph over HMDA in 2019.

Hear from Anurag Agarwal, PhD, an industry-leading expert in HMDA, CRA, and fair lending, and the chief architect of RiskExec. He is joined by Asurity team members Jesse Taylor & Chris Gray.

Webinar Highlights

  • 2018 HMDA Lessons Learned
  • Streamlined HMDA Data Clean Up
  • Audit Trail
  • Analysis

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