Regulatory, compliance, and technology experts

We empower financial services companies with dynamic solutions that ease the burden of complex and expensive regulatory management.

John Murphy

Senior Software Engineer, RiskExec

Ryan Yanulites

Senior Software Engineer

Alan Johnson

Senior Software Engineer

Katey McBurney

Client Success Manager, RiskExec

Lisa Torgerson

HR Director

Shane Hill

Senior Applications Programmer

Carol Berger

Implementation Manager

Cole McCain

Applications Support Analyst

Chris Gray

VP of Business Development

Susan Lloyd


Eric Krichinsky

Network Engineer

Diane Jenkins

Director, National Mortgage Compliance Practice Group

Kim Wert

Loan Program Manager

Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

Brett Lewis

VP of Software Development, RiskExec

Yvette Swanston

Director of Administrative Services

Cheryl Bump

Director, Product Development

Brad McFarling

IT Director

Gala A. Barnes-Loveday

Product Program Manager, RiskExec

Luke Wimer

Chief Operating Officer

Sue Farris

Document Specialist

Pat Chatt


Claudia Rendon

Assistant Controller

David Greenwood, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Sandy Moneyhun

Technology Analyst

Laura Willis


Fredna Weatherread

Administrative Assistant

Kelly Salloum

Client Support Analyst, RiskExec

Steven Good

Closing Manager

Sherry Sepeda

Accounting Associate

Christina Jenkins

Senior Director of Client Support, AsurityDocs

Kathy Mantych

Senior Director, AsurityDocs

Darci Johnson

Group Director, Marketing

Ed Kramer

Senior Advisor

Andy Sandler

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Loc Khuong, MBA, PhD

Chief Financial Officer

Rhonda Smith

Account Representative