Assess Fair Lending Analytics With Tailored Technology & Industry Leading Tools

Ease the burden of managing regulatory compliance with Asurity’s easy-to-use, browser-based fair lending software for analytics and reporting.

Fair Lending Analytics

Fair Servicing Analytics

RiskExec’s first ever Fair Servicing module provides financial institutions the tools and statistical analyses needed to uncover potential risks posed by the handling of forbearances, terminations, and loan modifications.

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Fair Lending Analytics: 

RiskExec provides financial institutions with easy-to-use, browser-based fair lending analytics and reporting tools. Organizations can identify disparate impact through regression analysis and disparate treatment through matched pair testing.

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HDMA & CRA Data Analytics

With scrubbed data, Asurity runs accurate analysis and reporting to determine your lending disposition, comparison to peers by market, and performance towards achieving internally-defined goals.

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CRA & HDMA Solutions

Asurity helps organizations streamline cleanup for multiple data types and submission workflows for CRA and HMDA. Asurity also offers:

  • Powerful, real-time, out-of-the-box analyses and reports 
  • Customizable client edit checks
  • The ability to identify duplicate applications
  • Compliance-grade geocoding within our embedded mapping tool that allows FFIEC comparison

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Asurity Fair Lending Analytics: Determine Your Risk Exposure  

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