RiskExec is a reporting and analysis platform for CRA, Small Business Lending, HMDA, Fair Lending, and Fair Servicing.

Automate CRA, Small Business Lending, HMDA, Fair Lending, and Fair Servicing processes with RiskExec's compliance reporting and analysis platform. Modern mapping visualizes loan data with sophisticated geocoding and customizable layers.

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CRA Solution and HMDA Analysis

Generate clean submission files for CRA and HMDA. Prepare for regulatory examinations by analyzing trends and performance against internal goals; percentages inside vs. outside assessment areas; peer analysis of market share reports; performance tables; and more.

Assessment Areas, REMAs, & Mapping

Create custom assessment areas or reasonably expected marketing areas (REMAs) down to the tract level. Understand where your customers are, identify gaps, and recognize opportunities for community outreach directly on the map by plotting out your lending, deposit accounts, branches, ATMs, and more.

Compliance Grade Geocoding

Reduce time spent cleaning up issues. RiskExec’s multi-layered geocoder pings multiple sources to ensure the highest geocoding hit rate. A manual pin-point geocoder is also available within our embedded mapping tool.

Data Auditing & Permissions

Lock down files and/or other functions in the software with RiskExec’s permission settings. Administrative users can track changes made to files throughout the life of the loan.

Dynamic Importing

Import data from multiple sources into RiskExec. Schedule imports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or perform them ad-hoc.

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