Asurity Technologies Expands Into Services

Asurity Technologies expands its operations into mortgage closing and fulfillment.

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Why Dodd-Frank Reforms Are Good For Business

A decade after Dodd-Frank was created to protect consumers a new set of reforms aims to balance it out and revive the local mortgage market.

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The ABA RCC Experience Podcast & Andy Sandler

Andy Sandler chats about RegTech, banks, and marketplace strategies at the 2018 ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference.

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Ed Kramer Joins Asurity Technologies

Asurity Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of Ed Kramer as a Senior Advisor on the Asurity team.

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The Mortgage Industry: Where Are We Going?

Home ownership is a sign of stability for many Americans. Ironically, the industry that serves as a pathway to it is constantly in a state of transition.


It’s Complicated: The Truth About eClosing

MRGDocs President, Mike Riddle, explains the obstacles and the evolution of eClosing adoption.

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RiskExec Now Available to First American Mortgage Solutions Customers

By teaming up with Asurity, First American Mortgage Solutions can now provide even more comprehensive solutions to allow their customers to focus on core business objectives while mitigating risk.

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How Short-Term Loans Could Break the Cycle of Debt

Nine million households are unbanked and 26 million are underbanked in the United States. Can the USPS help end the cycle of high-interest debt?

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Where Will Innovative Technology Help First?

Understanding how FinTech consumers are using AI and Machine Learning provides better insight on how to help clients stay compliant while using this technology.

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FFIEC 2017 Modified LAR Files Updated In RiskExec

RiskExec successfully integrated the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) recently released 2017 modified LAR files.

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Up-to-date overview of regulatory changes across state and federal agencies.

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