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Expand your regtech knowledge base from our community of regulatory, technology, and legal experts.

Reg+Tech Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2

Regulatory and technology experts discuss innovation, CRA reforms, and how single-close construction loans are reenergizing rural America.


MBA Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference 2019

Meet your ideal partner in compliance at MBA IMB Conference on January 28 - 31 in San Francisco, CA.

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RiskExec Overview

Explore RiskExec's full suite advantages and the many benefits of our flexible, easy-to-use browser-based SaaS solution for all lending portfolios.


AsurityDocs Overview

Learn how to produce guaranteed compliant disclosure and loan document packages for every lending need with AsurityDocs.


Reg+Tech Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 1

Learn how regtech leverages automated tools and human expertise, online reviews are crowdfunding service change, and the risk and rewards of AI in compliance.


HMDA Data Quality

Learn how to record changes, perform edit checks, and ensure quality data sets prior to HMDA submission.


Ensure Data Integrity

Learn how to perform quality edit checks to ensure better data quality and avoid regulatory scrutiny.


Simpler Redlining Analysis

Learn how to simplify your redlining analysis, reduce time spent on reviews, set risk factors, and more.