Reg+Tech Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2

Learn how disruptive technology increases cohesion, the potential for CRA to encourage authentic bank investment into LMI communities, and how single-close construction loans are reenergizing rural America.

A Compliance and Technology Magazine

In this issue, learn how disruptive technology can improve cohesion across your business; how CRA could encourage investments into LMI communities despite the rise of digital banking; and how the USDA is reenergizing investment into America’s rural communities with single-close construction loans.

With innovation, writes Luke Wimer, Chief Operating Officer of Asurity Technologies, there is no finish line. There is also no cookie-cutter model for how to find and employ it. Whether shifting a policy or retooling an existing loan structure, innovation requires an open mind, diverse expertise, and a problem to solve.

Key Highlights

  • RegTech Real Talk with Luke Wimer
  • Modernizing the Community Reinvestment Act
  • The Housing Market’s Hidden Gem
  • Q+A with Tom Vartanian
  • This quarter’s regulatory updates

Luke Wimer

Chief Operating Officer

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