Improved Efficiency When running Reports in RiskExec

RiskExec has updated its system to improve the run time and efficiency of its reports.  This is also combined with a New Notification System When Running Reports.

Users no longer need to stay in a report until it finishes loading to review the results. A message will now appear that lets the user know that they can navigate away and will be notified when the report is ready. 

While the report loads, the user can navigate out of the Peer Analysis or Assessment Areas module completely and work elsewhere in RiskExec. When the report is ready, the user will receive a notification that they can now go view the report. 
Peer Analysis Module
New HMDA Report: Housing Units

A new report has been added for HMDA Peer Sets called “Housing Units:”
Redlining Module
Analysis Results Language Update

The measure labels under the Peer and Market tabs in the Analysis Results have been changed from Peer Penetration to Peer Volume and Market Comparison to Market Volume.
HMDA and CRA Modules
Running Custom Edit Checks at the Record-Level 

When working on an individual record in HMDA or CRA, users can now run edit checks on that record and review any Client Edit Checks that have been triggered for that record in the Edit Checks tab.

Total File Link

Clicking on Total File under File Parts on the File Summary tab will bring you directly to the Application List in HMDA, or Loan List in CRA. 
Fair Lending Module
Deleting Dynamic Variables

If a user tries to delete a Dynamic Variable that is being used in a Model or Analysis, a notification will let the user know which Model or Analysis is using this variable and that the variable cannot be deleted. 
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