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Former Regulatory Examiner and Senior Risk Advisor Vincent Coe joins Asurity Advisors™️

Washington, D.C. (April 23, 2024) - Asurity Advisors, LLC, a leading provider of regulatory risk and compliance consulting services to the mortgage and financial services industries, announced today that seasoned regulator, advisor, and regulatory risk consultant, Vincent Coe has joined the organization as a Director. Leveraging his 15+ years in banking and financial services, Vince […]

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Focusing on Fairness: A Look at Fannie Mae's Fair Servicing Best Practices

Fannie Mae recently published Fair Servicing Best Practices (“FSBP”). Developed with input from more than 30 mortgage servicers and community advocacy groups, the FSBP is intended to ensure Fannie Mae servicers are aware of the expectations that servicers will treat all borrowers fairly and consistently, and comply with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (“ECOA”), the […]

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Credit Algorithms, Disparate Impact, and The Search For Less Discriminatory Alternatives

(Originally published in ABA Risk and Compliance, July/August 2023) Bill Fair and Earl Isaac created the first modern credit scoring system, the Credit Application Scoring Algorithms, in 1958, and the first FICO score was introduced in 1989. Since then, the use of credit algorithms has become ubiquitous in the lending industry. These algorithms use statistical […]

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Five Ways to Manage Exceptions and Overrides for Risk Mitigation

(Originally published in ABA Risk and Compliance, November/December 2023) In lending, discretion can take several forms, including exceptions and overrides. An exception is an application whose outcome is not fully consistent with credit underwriting and pricing policies. The variation can be either in the underwriting outcome, or in loan terms and conditions, such as interest […]

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