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Census 2019 Files for HMDA/CRA Updated in RiskExec

Information about how to access the Census 2019 files for HMDA/CRA, which have recently been updated in RiskExec.

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RiskExec Product Release Notes - April 8, 2019

Maps 2.0 Enhanced Search Capabilities The search feature within Maps 2.0 has now been updated to allow users to search by Assessment Area Set and individual Assessment Areas to zoom straight to a specified area. Record Display An edit option has been added to the record level such that you can now increase or decrease […]

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RiskExec Product Release Notes - January 22, 2019

HMDA & CRA Expanded Tract Categories Users can now utilize expanded tract categories in the filter capabilities directly within the HMDA and CRA modules. The filter now includes options for Majority Minority Census Tracts (MMCT), Majority-Black Census Tracts (MBCT), Majority-Hispanic Census Tracts (MHCT), Majority-Black-Hispanic Census Tracts (MBHCT), along with all corresponding High tract categories (tracts […]

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Prescribing Lifelong Innovation

Prescribing everyday solutions rather than one-time band-aids can yield a business infrastructure which is always forward-looking.

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Modernizing The Community Reinvestment Act

Ensuring banks receive full credit for their LMI community work means allowing for context, freedom, and customization in contemporary CRA approach.

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What to Know About the Recent Census File Release

This updated file has resulted in 20,843 changed tracts. There are now 22,671 LMI tracts as opposed to 21,760.

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The Five Things You Need to Know About Redlining
 But Were Afraid To Ask

Determining the location of marketing campaigns is essential. Uncover best practices to avoid the risk for redlining activity and to stay compliant.

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The 4 Fundamentals of Mortgage Redlining Reviews

It can be difficult to even know for certain that redlining is occurring at your own financial institution. Uncover the fundamentals to take into account that will help avoid the risk of redlining.

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4 Ways To Overcome Fair Lending Obsolescence

Is your fair lending solution maintained by a team steeped in regulatory compliance knowledge?

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