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The entire RiskExec process is seamless; I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Beverly’s guidance and assistance, including calling us from the road on her way home last Friday evening to make sure we were able to submit, was going above and beyond the call of duty. She called us this morning as a courtesy to simply follow-up and make sure we’d gotten our response letter back indicating successful submission. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate this level of support, especially with our first CRA submission, which appears to have gone through swimmingly! Thanks again!
Bruce W. Schultz
Gateway First Bank
Gateway First Bank
RiskExec is an essential tool for our compliance with CRA and Fair Lending regulations – from data scrubs, geocoding, and mapping, to reporting, redlining and fair lending, we love all that RiskExec has to offer. We have found the support from RiskExec to be prompt and professional and the continued enhancements to the solution are extremely relevant and keep up with regulatory and industry trends.
Heather Walker
Frost – Banking, Investments, Insurance
RiskExec is a great tool to support and enhance our compliance and regulatory efforts. It has helped us to automate manual tasks and processes to increase efficiency and improve the quality of our data analysis. The implementation process was smooth, the tool requires limited IT resources, and we consistently receive outstanding client support.
Bart Statowski
The HMDA filing process through RiskExec went very smoothly. All the items on the FFIEC filing website matched RiskExec’s final results exactly to the letter. I especially appreciate the two checks your team performed and the tutorial video you did detailing the entire filing process. Thanks so much for all your help.
Jeff Shanks
Ally Bank
We have been with RiskExec for seven months now, and our only regret is that we did not find them sooner. The solution is highly customizable to our needs, and every support request is fielded by persons with top-shelf understanding of regulation, and what we are trying to achieve. I have no hesitation about recommending RiskExec to my peers.
Jason Pendelton
First Harrison Bank
The functionality of RiskExec has enabled my company to utilize a high-performing, low cost solution to an intricate problem. I receive friendly, immediate support from the staff, multiple data reports make analysis easy and coherent, and the mapping features have made the software applications cross-departmental between lending and marketing. It is a wonderful tool that makes HMDA much easier to tackle.
Kelly O’Brien
After 8+ years of using the RiskExec software, the reliability and the technical support continue to be top-notch. Thank you for consistently providing outstanding service.
Cynthia Stevenson
BNY Mellon

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