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Partner Highlight: Land Gorilla

Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager™ is the #1 software solution to make construction lending faster, safer, and more efficient.

The technology gives lenders control over the loan management process while minimizing risk and maximizing efficiencies. When it comes to construction loans, there are layers of liability for loans that do not meet Federal and State regulatory guidelines. It can be very difficult for lenders to ensure their compliance. For this reason, Land Gorilla has partnered with Asurity Technologies, to give our mutual clients a smart, easy way to produce compliant loan packages and successfully manage construction loan projects to profitable completion. 

Land Gorilla recently introduced many exciting new software developments, such as a digitized lien waiver and title update process, a templated document creation tool, and an automated project manager that ensures draw administrators know what needs to be done at each loan milestone. These innovations continue to streamline and automate processes and add value for lenders. Construction loans can provide enormous benefits for lenders and with solutions from Land Gorilla and Asurity, lenders can confidently offer these popular loan types while protecting their physical, financial, and legal interests. 

For more information on compliance and best practices for construction lending, watch this on-demand webinar by Land Gorilla and Asurity: You Can’t Afford to Be Wrong: Overcoming Construction Loan Compliance Challenges.

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