RiskExec Release Notes - August 12, 2020

August 12, 2020
RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following updates/enhancements.

Multi-factor Authentication

RiskExec has increased its security posture in light of the heightened regulatory scrutiny over Third-Party Risk Management for our clients. We have added the ability to enable and use Multi-factor Authentication during a RiskExec sign-on. If your institution is interested in this feature, please contact Chris Gray at cgray@asurity.com to receive more information.

Screenshot of the Multi-factor Authentication login screen
Multi-factor Authentication login screen


When a user applies the Radius Tool in Maps to either draw a circle or highlight tracts within a radius of a specific location, they will now be able to view and download a Tracts Demographics Report.  This is a list of all tracts that touch the radius that was drawn. As long as any portion of a tract is in the radius it will be included in the list. See the steps below:

Screenshot of RiskExec’s Radius Tool in Maps
Click on RiskExec’s Radius Tool in Maps
Screenshot of RiskExec's dropdowns to pick the radius in miles and location on the map to either draw a circle or tract radius
Choose the radius in miles and location on the map to either draw a circle or tract radius
Screenshot of the Tract Demographics Report
Once the radius is drawn on the map, the user is given the option to view the Tract Demographics Report
Screenshot of the download for theTracts Demographics Report
View and download the Tracts Demographics Report

Fair Lending and Redlining

When data is imported into either the Fair Lending or Redlining Module using the Dynamic Importer, the values for age, gender, race, and ethnicity will automatically be calculated for analysis purposes.

Fair Lending

A user is now able to edit the title of a Fair Lending Analysis.  To do so, they will select the analysis that they would like to edit and click the “Edit Analysis” button.  A window will open up and allow the user to edit the Fair Lending Analysis name.

Screenshot of editing the fair lending anlalysis name.
Edit a Fair Lending Analysis name

Now when setting up a Matched Pair Analysis, the user has the option to restrict targets based on regression results. This option is pre-filtered to only include analyses of the selected dataset. The user also has the option to select Type 1 or Type 2 outliers. In a Decisioning Regression, Type 1 outliers are those where the model predicts a positive outcome but the actual result was a negative outcome and vice versa for Type 2.  In a Pricing Regression, Type 1 outliers are where the outcome was a record with a price higher than expected and Type 2 is where the price was lower than expected.

Peer Analysis

A new report has been added to the Peer Analysis module called Respondent Group Pricing. This report allows you to select up to four respondents from your group and the field(s) that you would like to view in a peer summary pricing report.  

RiskExec has also added the following metrics to the Respondent Group Comparison report: MMCT, MBCT, MHCT, MBHCT, HMCT, HBCT, HHCT, and HBHCT. 

Lastly, RiskExec has made an update to improve the speed by which the Rankings by Respondent and Disparity Indices reports are generated in the Peer Analysis module.


A User Report has been added to RiskExec.  Individuals noted as an administrator for their institution in RiskExec will be able to access this report and download it.  The report generates a list of active and inactive users, each user’s contact information, product access, system permissions, and object permissions.  

RiskExec has also made an update to improve the speed by which the Disparity Indices reports are generated in the HMDA and CRA modules.

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Questions? Comments?

Contact RiskExec customer support at riskexec.support@asurity.com.

Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

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