RiskExec Release Notes - December 20, 2020

December 21, 2020
RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following updates/enhancements.

Peer Analysis

2019 CRA Peer Data

On Monday, December 14, the FFIEC announced the availability of the 2019 CRA data.  Within hours, RiskExec reviewed and updated its Peer Analysis module to include the 2019 CRA dataset. This dataset includes small business, small farm, and community development lending data reported by certain commercial banks and savings associations. 

Quick Tip:  The Bank’s CRA Disclosure Statement should be placed in the public file within three business days of its receipt. These reports can be created and downloaded from RiskExec.

2019 CRA Peer Data is now available in RiskExec

RiskExec has added the PPP loan amount data to the Cross Tab report found in the Peer Analysis module.  Users will be able to select Loan Amount as a Data Type when building their Cross Tab analysis.

Select Loan Amount as the Data Type in the Cross Tab Report

Additionally, users are now able to filter by Respondent when creating a HMDA Peer Set.  To do so, the user will select “Respondent” as the filter, choose whether the respondent will be included in the filter or not included in the filter, and begin typing the institutions to include.

Filter by Respondent when creating an HMDA Peer Set

Fair Lending

We have run a scan of all the numeric fields published in the HMDA 2019 Peer and have updated the Data Quality default values for all such fields in the RiskExec Fair Lending module. When you create a new Data Quality model it will use these values to initialize the model.

Note: Existing models will not be updated with these new defaults.


Under Regulatory reports in the HMDA and CRA modules, RiskExec has added a new report called the Branch and ATM Distribution Report.  This report contains detail on the total number of branches in specific tract income levels, the population of that area, the number of ATMs, and the number of branches opened and closed in that year, which is reviewed during CRA Examinations.  Note:  The Branch Files will need to be maintained with accurate open and close dates for this report to accurately reflect the open and closed activity within the reporting period. Additional enhancements for multiple year analysis of this type is in development for a future release.

Branch and ATM Distribution Report

The majority of reports in RiskExec will now include the source of the data as a footnote at the bottom of the report screen.

Some RiskExec reports will have the data source provided in the footnote of the report


Within the HMDA Application and CRA Loan Lists, a user can now edit an existing saved report format and save it as a new format or completely overwrite the existing report format.

Save a new report format or overwrite the existing

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Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

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