RiskExec Product Release Notes - August 14, 2018

August 14, 2018
RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following enhancements.

Resource Center

Updated User Manual

An updated User Manual is now available in the Resource Center of RiskExec. From the home screen, click on “Resource Center” and select “Updated RiskExec User Manual” to view.


File Crosstab

This report has been enhanced to allow users to view application lists from the loan counts for data cross-sections. Users can select a targeted row and apply a secondary data column and now view the specific applications as divided in the report.

Edit Checks

Edit Checks for Duplicate Applications

The edit checks pertaining to duplicate applications have been updated to record level checks and can now be clicked into to view the duplicate records. These checks include:

  • S305 – Duplicate Transaction
  • Q600 – Duplicate ULIs
  • GD01 – Duplicate Application Numbers

Sub-Edit Checks

When the 2018 edit checks were released, many checks had been constructed to include multiple options for how the edit check is triggered. Some of these edits can have up to 7 different data combinations that cause the individual edit to be flagged.

RiskExec has now been updated to streamline the review process by providing the specific sub-edit check relevant to the application. This sub-edit check can be viewed from the Edit Checks tab of the Application Detail screens.

For example, edit check V660 indicates that an invalid Credit Score data field was reported and can be flagged for either of the following reasons:

  • Credit Score of Applicant or Borrower must be a number, and cannot be left blank; or
  • Applicant or Borrower, name and Version of Credit Scoring Model must equal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.

When an individual application is being flagged due to reason 2, the application detail edit check will identify the edit as “V660-2.”

Please rerun edit checks on your file for these updates to take effect.

Peer Analysis

Updated 2017 HMDA Peer Data

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection recently announced availability of updated 2017 HMDA National Loan-Level Datasets. RiskExec has now been updated to include this latest version of data.

The Bureau also announced that this data will be updated weekly to include late submissions and resubmissions. Please expect a future communication regarding the handling of these future updates in RiskExec.

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