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From the 2019 ABA RCC: Andy Sandler Talks Reg Exam Prep, 2018 HMDA, and More.

American Bankers Association's Sam Lisker speaks with Andy Sandler on the ABA RCC Experience Podcast about regulatory exams prep, 2018 HMDA Peer Data, and leveraging tech to improve operational efficiency and keep up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.


Listen to Andy’s conversation with Sam in New Orleans from the 2019 ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference. Topics include:

  • What type of scrutiny or focus can compliance professionals expect from examiners and community groups as they review the new 2018 HMDA Peer Data and what questions they will be asking
  • How compliance professionals can best prepare for their regulatory exams
  • What Asurity is doing to ensure clients have the tools they need to keep up with the changing regulatory environment
  • How to leverage technology to achieve operational efficiency 
  • New Asurity products that will soon be available


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Andy Sandler

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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