It’s Complicated: The Truth About eClosing

eClosing is no closer to uniform adoption across the country today than it was when it first began to be discussed - and there's a reason. President of AsurityDocs at Asurity Technologies, Mike Riddle, explains.

Insights on eClosing

15 years ago, eClosing was simply the idea that you could deliver a note to the closing table and have someone electronically sign it. Today, eClosing is a combination of eight to ten separate activities, including the creation of 20 – 40 e-signable documentation, electronic delivery to multiple users, and adherence to all relevant rules and laws. “This is 12 – 15 years of ‘we need to adopt electronic closings’,” says Mike Riddle, President of AsurityDocs, “but [because of these complexities], we’re slow in doing it.”

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