RiskExec Product Release Notes - May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018
RiskExec Product Release Notes as of May 22, 2018.


Distressed/Underserved Report

This report now shows lending activity in qualifying tracts by state, county, MSA or Assessment Area along with the corresponding characteristic designation for each tract.

Assessment Area Penetration Report

This report shows lending activity by state, county, MSA or Assessment Area including the total geographical tract counts and corresponding tract penetration.  The report has been enhanced so that users can now click to the specific tract lists directly from the report.

FFIEC Interagency Core Tables

A variance column was added to this report to display the difference in institution lending performance compared to the correlated demographic measurement.

Peer Analysis

CRA Peer Finder

This functionality has now been enabled in CRA Respondent Groups to generate recommendations for peer institutions based upon a 50-200% asset and/or volume threshold.

HMDA Rankings by Respondent report 

This report now includes options to view by the following categories:
MHCT – majority Hispanic census tracts
MBCT – majority Black census tracts
MBHCT – majority combined Black-Hispanic census tracts
HMCT – high minority census tracts
HHCT – high Hispanic census tracts
HBCT – high Black census tracts
HBHCT – high combined Black-Hispanic census tracts

Fair Lending

Regression Analysis

Highlights have been added to the coefficient matrix to notate instances where a variable is consistent across a significant portion of records.

Duplicate Reconciliation

A new file operation has been created to facilitate the reconciliation of duplicate loan numbers for cases in which a loan number is reused.  This new report can assist institutions in identifying records that may not need to be included in a final submission file.

Users can now be granted access to a report that identifies these duplicates. From this report a user can choose to remove individual records from the file or can edit the loan number.  Please note access to this function is limited and must be explicitly requested from the support team.

Should you wish to request this permission be added to a user, or with any other questions pertaining to this release, please email us at riskexec.support@asurity.com.

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