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Partner Highlight: eOriginal

The mortgage industry can be a complex puzzle, particularly in terms of getting consistent, systematic technological infrastructure in place. Many entities need to play together for digital closings to work.

As the mortgage industry continues its digital shift around electronic closings, eOriginal and Asurity Technologies are working together to offer a best-in-class approach to digital closings through partnership, open collaboration, and solution integration. From eNote creation and management to hybrid closings, together eOriginal and Asurity understand how to make the shift to digital simple for both the borrower and our client’s staff.

Many parties play a role in the shift toward digital; however, one of the most important roles during the actual closing is the settlement agent. Agents can force a digital close to an “all paper” close, negating many of the benefits offered by digital. And, while clear benefits exist for settlement agents to support digital closings – including savings in paper costs, efficiencies gained through not losing documents, experiencing easy retrieval of signed documents, and ensuring there are no missed signatures – many settlement companies are concerned about the impact to their business process. To ensure the industry receives the benefits promised by digital, it is imperative that digital closings be simple for settlement agents. Digital settlement technology experts report that the technology supporting digital closings should be simple to use and require little to no training.

eOriginal and Asurity have partnered to ensure documents from Asurity are provided to settlement agents through a free, no training required portal to ensure a simple closing process for all parties involved.

This Partner Highlight was provided by Bill Mitchell, Director of Business Development – Digital Mortgage at eOriginal. Bill drives eOriginal’s national mortgage partner network, industry affairs, strategy and indirect revenue opportunities for Digital Mortgage. He currently serves on industry committees for ESRA and ALTA Digital Mortgage Taskforce and leads the project for eOriginal’s Close with Confidence Program. 

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