RiskExec Product Release Notes - April 27, 2020

April 27, 2020
RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following corrections/enhancements.


In addition to adding a single application by the application number, a user now has the ability to add the application by its Universal Loan Identifier (ULI) in the HMDA module. Please note, if a user attempts to add an existing application number or ULI, a message will notify the user that the application number or ULI already exists in the file to help prevent duplicate records.

Add a single application by its ULI or Application #

Edit Check Detail

The CFBP has updated the Q653 Edit Check for 2020 to exclude the edit if the CLTV is NA or exempt. RiskExec has updated our Edit Checks to include this update. We recommend that our users rerun their edit checks on their HMDA 2020 data as applications that are now not valid for this edit will be rechecked and the edit will be cleared.

Users have the ability to select one or more Edit Check Types (Validity, Syntactical, Quality, Enhanced Quality, and/or Client) to view or the option to select to exclude all audited checks when viewing applications on the Edit Check Detail page in both the HMDA and CRA modules.

Select one or more Edit Check Types or choose to Exclude Audited Checks

Application Lists/Exports

RiskExec has provided a new option for customizing and exporting large data utilizing customized report formats within both the HMDA and CRA modules’ application lists. In order to use this new export option, the user can select “Create Exported File” from the Download tab and choose XLSX, CSV, or a TXT (Pipe Delimited) format. If the export process completes while the user is still on the application list, then it will be downloaded automatically. In addition, the export will also be added to the list of exports for the selected file and can be accessed from the "Export" tab within the module.

Create Exported File
Select the export from the Export tab

HMDA Application Detail

RiskExec has added the last name of an applicant to the top of the HMDA application detail screen. The last name now appears in two places on the application detail screen for informational purposes when managing the application.

Applicant Last Name Displayed on HMDA Application Detail


Map Layers

RiskExec has added a new layer in Maps that displays Metropolitan Divisions. Metropolitan Divisions are subdivisions of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (into smaller groupings of counties) which include a single core with a population of 2.5 million or more.

Metropolitan Divisions Layer

A fill color has been added to the Zip Code layer in an effort to better showcase the layer on a map.

Zip Codes Layer Fill Color

When applying an Assessment Area layer, the checkbox is now color-coded to help identify the different assessment areas when applied.

Assessment Area Layers

Users now have the ability to select the long or short name of a county, CSA, MSA, or AIANNH Area when applying those layers on the map.

Short Name Label

Map Themes

RiskExec has added a new theme called the Housing Units theme. This theme shows the tract number of housing units in quartiles.

Housing Units Theme

Assessment Areas/REMA

A user now has the option to generate reports using Assessment Area Units. Additionally, in the Assessment Area Maps section, a user has the ability to select a single Assessment area to apply a theme to.

Batch Geocoding

RiskExec has added Majority Minority Census Tract (MMCT), High Minority Census Tract (HMCT), Majority Black Census Tract (MBCT), High Black Census Tract (HBCT), Majority Hispanic Census Tract (MHCT), High Hispanic Census Tract (HHCT), Majority Black Hispanic Census Tract (MBHCT) and High Black Hispanic Census Tract (HBHCT) statistics to the Geocoding Summary Report in the Batch Geocoding module.

Batch Geocoding Summary


More fields have been added to the options for charting data on the HMDA and CRA main screen File Summary charts. Users can select any character-based field for the chart. Additionally, we have added “Branch Group” to the Branch List report.

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Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

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