RiskExec Product Release Notes - June 30, 2019

June 30, 2019

Maps 2.0

Users now have the ability to completely remove fill color on area layers. The default record dot size on the map display has been made smaller. The hatching opacity has been made more visible, and the option to select no hatching on secondary themes has been added. New layers for Congressional Districts and Houston City Council have been added as well.

There is a new theme called Tract Maximal Race. This theme highlights the race with the largest population within a tract. So for example, if a Tract has a Hispanic population of 39%, and no other ethnicity/race has a higher percentage, then it will be treated and colored as a Hispanic Tract. This theme is useful in Redlining to look at Minority Tracts which would not be seen using MMCT or MBHCT.

Application List

Users can now order and select the fields that they want to appear in the application lists. They can view the lists with or without code descriptions, save and load custom field lists, and export any fields from the application lists. The efficiency of the application lists has also been improved, data can now stream into the report so that even with a large file, the data will load immediately and then continue to load additional records in the background.


Search Bar
The search bar within HMDA now has the ability to search for HMDA applications by ULI number.

Field Updates
The calculated fields of Combined Race, Combined Ethnicity and Combined Sex have been updated such that the Not Provided and the Not Applicable categories have been separated from the Other category. Users can now select these new categories using the filters in HMDA and in HMDA Peer. This functionality is important when looking for patterns of Not Provided records as per the CFPB enforcement actions in the last few weeks.

Edit Checks
RiskExec has been updated such that Enhanced Quality Check GQ19 - Rate Spread is no longer raised for Business Purpose loans. However, it is noted that the 2018 HMDA Peer does show many records that are tagged as Business Purpose = 1 and have a Rate Spread value.

HMDA Core Tables/Examiner Sheets
The 2017 and prior Examiner sheets are based on Property Type and Loan Purpose both of which changed in 2018. We have updated the 2018 Examiner sheets for this change. Since Property Type is removed we have used an equivalent of Property Type = 3 (in 2017) to be Total Units >= 5 (in 2018). Loan Purpose of 3 (Refinance in 2017) has been adjusted to use both Code 31 and 32 for 2018 forward. This is our interpretation and we are waiting for the final report structures to come from the regulators to verify the correct logic.


The FFIEC and CFPB released the Distressed/Underserved list for 2019. RiskExec has been updated to reflect these changes.

Total count of such Tracts in 2019 are 3,057 of which 1,641 were flagged as Poverty, 893 as Unemployment, 387 as Population Loss under the Distressed Middle-Income Nonmetropolitan Tracts and 1,348 were flagged as Remote Rural under the Underserved Middle-Income Nonmetropolitan Tracts.


The column headers of the Penetration analysis have been corrected. This analysis is done on the Tract count and not on the record count.


Executive Reports - Cross Tab
The cross tab charts have been adjusted such that rows and columns with 0 records are no longer displayed in the charts.


In an effort to improve flow and readability, long text UDFs in HMDA Application and CRA Loan detail screens now appear as text areas instead of long text boxes.

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Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

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