RiskExec Product Release Notes - May 31, 2020

June 1, 2020
RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following corrections/enhancements.

Fair Servicing

Soon the RiskExec suite is being enhanced with the release of a new Fair Servicing module. This module will cover analytics for Forbearances and Loan Modifications. If you are interested in learning more about this module, please contact Chris Gray at cgray@asurity.com.


On the File Summary tab of the HMDA and CRA modules, a user is now able to click on a specific File Part and launch the application list associated with the selected File Part.

Select a file part to review its applications
File Part Application List


Within the FFIEC CORE Tables report found in the Regulatory section of both the HMDA and CRA modules, users now have the ability to suppress rows that do not have loans by selecting the checkbox.

Suppress Rows with 0 Loans

Assessment Areas/REMA

RiskExec has updated the label for the MSA Unit level option to reflect both Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and Metropolitan Divisions (MDs) - as defined by the FFIEC.

MSAs/MD (as defined by the FFIEC)

The number of tracts found within an Assessment Area Unit’s geography is now displayed in the Assessment Area Unit overview.

The Unit overview now includes a Tracts column

Users may now filter the list of Assessment Area Sets by Submission, Geographic, or REMA.

Filter by Assessment Area Set Type

Peer Analysis

The Respondent Group Denial Disparity Report now contains the option to include data for the entire geographical area in the report.  Additionally, the Respondent Group Comparison report now contains rows displaying the total and average loan volume and amount.


In addition to the heat map themes of Loan Counts, Loan Amounts, and Denial Ratio, RiskExec has added three new quartile themes: Loan Counts Quartile, Loan Amounts Quartile, and Denial Ratio Quartile.  These new themes are available in the HMDA, CRA, Fair Lending, and Redlining modules.

Additionally, all quartile themes have been updated with a new color scheme which makes it easier to differentiate between higher and lower values.  Note, the higher values are darker and the lower values are lighter.

Loan Counts Quartile Theme

Lastly, the Counties layer label text has been updated to improve legibility. 


RiskExec has updated its Redlining maps to improve the user experience. By default, now the maps have the appropriate analysis theme (for example, LMI, MMCT, etc census markers theme) and a Record Volume quartile theme turned on. The quartile theme represents the volume in each tract of the map view with different colors. The lighter colors represent a lesser amount, and the darker colors represent a higher amount.  The LMI and MMCT layers have a diagonal hatch design, the non- LMI and non- MMCT has no hatching, and the NA tracts are represented by dots.

Updated Redlining Map
Redlining Map Legend

Please note, if the user prefers the previous map default layout, they are able to customize the map to its former design and save it as a default map for future use.


If a user clicks the Support button within RiskExec, they will notice that when they have entered a subject into the support request, a list of relevant Help Center articles will populate. Clicking on an article will open the Help Center in a new browser tab.

Help Center Articles in Support Request

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Contact RiskExec customer support at riskexec.support@asurity.com.

Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

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