RiskExec Product Release Notes - October 16, 2018

October 17, 2018
RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following enhancements.


Reporting for Exempt Institutions

RiskExec has been updated to accommodate the new exemption reporting options.  Institutions that wish to submit their data under the new exemption options can either import and enter the new exemption values directly into the corresponding RiskExec fields, or the exemption can be exercised at the file level.  When choosing the file level exemption, RiskExec will override all fields eligible for exemption to the corresponding exempt value prior to edit check and submission.  Please note the file level exemption will retain all data in the RiskExec fields displayed.  The exemption value will only appear when a file is exported as a regulatory submission file or a full data export.

The RiskExec team will be conducting a webinar regarding this new feature on Wednesday, October 24th.  An invitation has been sent to all clients believed to be exercising this exemption.  If you have not received this invitation and wish to participate in this webinar, please me directly at jctaylor@asurity.com

Filing Instructions Guide (FIG) Version 3.7 Updates

RiskExec has been modified with the latest edit check and data field updates to accommodate the most recent version of the CFPB FIG released September 2018.

Enhanced Edit Checks

The following Enhanced Edit Checks were added to the HMDA Module:

  • GQ15 – Verifies the portion of the ULI representing the application number matches the Application Number field if provided on an individual record for non-purchased loans.
  • GQ16 – Checks for Applicant Credit Score of 0 on loan actions 1, 2 & 3
  • GQ17 – Checks for Co-Applicant Credit Score of 0 on loan actions 1, 2 & 3


Community Development Loans

Within the CRA module, a new Community Development tab is available for documenting and qualifying Community Development loans.

Quarter & Loan Amount Categories

New reporting categories for Quarter and Loan Amount have been added to the Executive Summary, File Comparison and the File Crosstab Reports. These categories can be used to review quarterly trending and to identify loans that that are less than or equal to $100,000, between $100,000 and $250,000, between $250,000 and $1 Million, and greater than $1 Million.


Highlights for favorably significant categories

In the system conversion to p-values for redlining analysis, areas can now be highlighted for significance if the institution is performing significantly more favorable than the comparator metric.  In these cases, the individual metric rows will now appear highlighted in green and will also appear green in the redlining analysis summary screen.

Fair Lending

Dataset Downloads

Users can now download a dataset after creation in the Fair Lending module.  This feature will be available for both directly imported datasets and for datasets transferred from another RiskExec module.

Regression Downloads

There are now three download options from a regression analysis.  These downloads can be used to review the regression outcomes, individual variable inputs, and a list of the corresponding variable columns as entered in the regression model.

Batch Geocoder

MBCT, MHCT & MBHCT Categories

Files geocoded through the Batch Geocode module will now receive flags in the downloaded datafiles to identify if a record exists in a majority-black census tract, majority-Hispanic census tract, or a majority-combined-black-Hispanic census tract.

Maps 2.0

Filter by Assessment Area

Maps 2.0 now features the ability to isolate records to only display if they are contained in a particular Assessment Area according to the Assessment Area Set linked to the file.

Interactive Records

Users can now click to the application detail screens by clicking on the loan number displayed in the record detail panel on a map.

Enhanced Layer Options

The layers within Maps 2.0 have been enhanced including:

  • Roads - updated to distinguish between streets, highways and interstates and include corresponding labels of major roadways.
  • Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs) – identifies specially designated combinations of metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas.
  • USGS Structures – identifies selected manmade facilities including schools, post offices, law enforcement centers, cemeteries, and correctional facilities.


Copy File for Read-Only Access

Users who are granted read-only file level access permissions are now able to create a copy of a file.  This will create a snapshot version of the original file data at the time of copy with the read-only user receiving administrator permissions on the copied version only.

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