RiskExec Release Notes - May 5, 2021

May 5, 2021

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Peer Analysis

RiskExec has updated the Preliminary 2020 HMDA data and 2021 PPP data to the most up-to-date data provided by the CFPB and the SBA.


The Preliminary 2020 HMDA Peer contains data updated through May 2, 2021 and can be downloaded by State.  Please note that the download uses the State FIPS code.  Records with an “NA State” are in a separate file. Hence if you need all data that’s in the state of Texas you will need to download the Texas file as well as the NA file.  Then you will need to merge the two files and only use records with State abbreviation of TX.


The 2021 PPP Peer contains data updated through April 13, 2021.  Note that SBA has included two addresses in the 2021 data, a Borrower Address and a Project Address.  The Project Address cannot be geocoded because it does not contain a street address, so RiskExec continues to use Borrower Address. Also, this file does contain the full Loan Amount as disclosed in the raw files.​​​​​​




RiskExec has added a record list to the Redlining module that is similar to the application and loan lists available in the HMDA, CRA, and Fair Lending modules.  When a user clicks through to the record list in the Redlining module, they will be able to select the fields and field order that they would like to review.  Please note, at this time the user will not be able to click through to the application detail from the Redlining record list.


Select “Record List” from Reports in Redlining

The Record List report is now available in Redlining

Dynamic Importer


When a user is building an import format using the Dynamic Importer, they now have the option to:

  • Append - use old data
    • Appends only new records from your source file. Does not overwrite or update any existing records. Where the source file includes records that already exist in RiskExec, the old existing records will be kept as is and the matching ones from the source file will be disregarded.
  • Append - use new data
    • Appends all records from your source file. Potentially overwrites existing records. Where the source file includes records that already exist in RiskExec, the new records from the source file will replace the old matching RiskExec records.

Additionally, the option to “Overwrite” has been renamed to “Replace File Part.”

Replace File Part

Users will now be able to import files that include blank column headers. If there are blank column headers in your data file, you will see them represented as _blank_1, _blank_2, etc. s.

Blank Column Headers

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