RiskExec Release Notes - October 28, 2020

October 29, 2020
RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following updates/enhancements.


When a user runs Batch Operations to generate Universal Loan Identifiers (ULI) on a group of records, a notification will pop up on the screen letting the user know if a purchased loan is included in that list.  The notification indicates:

Your list includes purchased loans. The ULI generation method will probably not work properly on these applications because the LEI of the originating institution should have been used to generate the ULI. Would you like to exclude these applications from ULI generation?

RiskExec added this as a check since a purchased loan should already have a ULI generated. A user is given the option to exclude purchased loans from the Batch Operation.

Batch Operations notification indicating that the list contains purchased loans


RiskExec has added percentages to all charts generated using the Cross Tab report.

Percentages have been added to charts in the Cross Tab report

Additionally, in the Peer Analysis module,  the Tract Minority breakdowns in the HMDA Rankings by Respondent Report have been updated to match the designations for Tract Minority elsewhere in RiskExec: Less Than 10% Minority, 10%-19.99% Minority, 20%-49% Minority, 50%-79% Minority, 80%-100% Minority, and Other Tracts.

Updated Tract Minority breakdowns in the HMDA Rankings by Respondent Report

Lastly, the total number of changes that have been recorded in a given file are now indicated in the top left corner of the Change Log report.

Total number of changes displayed in the Change Log

Fair Lending and Redlining

RiskExec has added the ability to manually geocode records in the Fair Lending and Redlining modules.  To access this, a user will click the “Geocoding Results” tab and then select, “Geocoding Detail.”  To start geocoding, the user must click the map icon.

Manually geocode records in the Fair Lending and Redlining modules

This will open the Address Location window.  RiskExec automatically displays a map of the area where it believes the address is located. A user can then click a location on the map and save the address/tract data of the location that the user selected.

Select a location on a map to save the address and tract data of the location

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Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

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