RiskExec Release Notes - September 2, 2021

September 2, 2021
Rate Spread at the Record Level
The rate spread for a single record is now automatically updated when running edit checks at the record level. Rate spreads for all records with the Rate Spread Source marked as RiskExec are automatically calculated and updated when running edit checks at the file level.
Allowing Property Values Greater than 2 Billion
Property Values can now exceed 2 billion. Property Values greater than 1 million will continue to be flagged with an Enhanced Quality edit check.
Assessment Area Name in Application Detail
If there is an Assessment Area Set attached to your file, the name of the Assessment Area a record falls into will be noted in the Property tab of the Application Detail screen. If the record does not fall into an Assessment Area, it will instead say Out of Assessment Area. The Assessment Area field is automatically updated when a file is edit-checked.
Batch Geocoding
Assessment Area Field in View Results
If you have attached an Assessment Area Set to your Batch Geocoding file, you will be able to view the Assessment Areas that your records fall into using the View Results report. Simply add the Assessment Area field to the report to review this information.
Ability to Customize the Background Color
The map background is now listed as a customizable layer in the Layers menu.  This enables the creation of maps that isolate the area of interest.
Redlining Analysis
Search Bar
A search bar has been added to the Redlining Analysis module to allow you to quickly filter through your dataset or analysis list.
To access the full release notes, a user will need to log into RiskExec and visit the Help Center section for Release Notes & Updates.

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