RiskExec Release Notes - September 30, 2020

October 1, 2020
RiskExec has recently been updated to include the following updates/enhancements.

Payment Protection Plan (PPP) Loan Data

The Treasury Department along with the SBA released the PPP nationwide data through August 8, 2020. Click here to access the data.  This is especially important to banks as the regulators are looking to score and judge how banks performed under the PPP section of the CARES Act and whether the money was given to the right small businesses in need.

Please note, only certain kinds of loans and data were made available as instructed by the SBA.  Click here to learn more

RiskExec has downloaded this data, converted it, and integrated it into a new PPP Peer set available through the Peer Analysis module.  Users are now able to access this data as a new Peer option and construct Peer Units based on the geographies available in the data.  Users can then view reports, analyze their own data against their peers, and create charts using the Crosstab report.

Users can create charts with PPP data using the Crosstab report

RiskExec has also added a new Rankings by Lender report for PPP data.  Within this new report, you can view all PPP lending by lenders in a specific peer unit. 

Rankings by Lender report - PPP data

Additionally, users can map this data using RiskExec Maps.

Peer Maps for PPP data

Peer Analysis Module

In addition to mapping Geographical Peer Sets and Units, users are now able to map Respondent Group and Respondent Peer Sets and Units in the Peer Analysis module.

Users can now map Respondent and Respondent Group data

Assessment Area/ REMA

The Tracts Demographics Report in the Assessment Area/REMA module has been updated to include zip codes.  This report uses the HUD USPS Zip Code Crosswalk Files to correlate zip codes with census tracts. Please note that there is NO direct correlation between census tracts and zip codes - these zip codes may be partially or wholly included in the tract. Very careful attention is required when interpreting zip code data relative to other administrative geographies.

The Tracts Demographics Report now includes zip codes


RiskExec has updated its Edit Check Detail page in an effort to increase the speed by which the report generates.  When a user clicks the Edit Check Detail tab, they must select all or a few Edit Check types and click “Generate Report” to see the results. 

Select all or a few Edit Check types, then click “Generate Report”
Edit Check Detail Report

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Anurag Agarwal, PhD

President, RiskExec

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