Asurity Technologies Named a Top Industry Innovation by Progress In Lending Association

Progress In Lending Association recognizes Asurity as a top industry innovation for its comprehensive compliance solutions including the 100% compliant smart loan doc platform, MRGDocs, and fair lending risk analysis and reporting solution, RiskExec.

The 2018 list of winners for the eighth annual innovations awards recognizes true industry innovations based on industry significance, innovation originality, the positive change the innovation made possible, the intangible efficiencies gained as a result of the innovation, and the hard cost and time savings the innovation enables industry participants to have.

Asurity Technologies is honored to be recognized as a leading regtech company in the housing and financial services industry.

In 2017, MRGDocs was acquired by Asurity Technologies and introduced MRGDocs’ cloud-based platform which revolutionized the security of its dynamic document generation software featuring a secure system infrastructure to increase the protection of consumer data and deliver safer, faster, and more user-friendly systems while maintaining the content and support quality that has long been the hallmark of MRGDocs’ services and document packages.

MRGDocs solves several mortgage industry challenges including costs to secure big data, protecting the myriad of personal identification information collected, and managing compliance through a hyper secure platform. MRGDocs built a comprehensive data security capability on a robust foundation that allows for the type of growth and expansion needed to serve even the largest of financial institutions, implementing a hyper-converged, virtual server platform with 24/7 SIEM-managed security monitoring.


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Julie Weber

Chief Marketing Officer

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