Asurity Technologies Awarded HW Tech100 by Housing Wire

HousingWire awarded Asurity Technologies a HW Tech 100 award for its comprehensive compliance technology platforms including its 100% compliant loan origination platform MRGDocs and its fair lending risk analysis and reporting solution RiskExec.

The 2018 list of winners for the fifth annual HW Tech 100 awards recognizes the most innovating technology companies in the U.S. housing economy, spanning real estate, mortgage lending, mortgage servicing and investments.

According to its April 2 press release, the number of applicants for the 2018 awards increased from previous years and the final list of 100 companies demonstrated the depth and range of technology solutions operating in the housing economy.

“These companies provide innovative solutions and are moving the housing finance industry forward as technology rapidly changes how the landscape operates,” said HousingWire Online Editor Caroline Basile in the release. Of the 100 companies HousingWire recognized, Asurity is among the 55 newcomers to the list this year, more than half of the companies recognized.

From loan origination to portfolio analysis, Asurity provides end-to-end solutions from 100% compliant smart loan documents, risk analysis and reporting, state-of-the-art data infrastructure, an ecosystem of expertise from engineering to regulation, and a committed customer and technical support team.

Companies in the 2018 Tech100 represent the leading edge of solutions and services th

at will propel mortgage companies toward success.

“The number of fintech companies serving the mortgage industry has exploded over the last several years — making the choice of just 100 companies this year very difficult,” said HousingWire Magazine Editor Sarah Wheeler. “Companies in the 2018 Tech100 represent the leading edge of solutions and services that will propel mortgage companies toward success.”

Asurity Technologies is honored to be recognized as a leading regulatory technology company in the housing and financial services industry.

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Julie Weber

Chief Marketing Officer

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