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CFPB Issues Request for Information to Assist Consumer Financial Protection Law Taskforce

Several months ago, we reported on the CFPB’s establishment of a taskforce that would make recommendations on how to harmonize, modernize and update federal consumer financial laws.

On March 27th, the CFPB issued a public request for information (RFI) to obtain input on areas where it should focus its research and analysis. Specifically, the RFI seeks comments on the following topics: expanding access to consumer financial products and services; protection and use of consumer data; regulations the CFPB writes and enforces; federal and state coordination; and improving the market for consumer financial products and services. The comment period ends on June 1, 2020.

The text of the RFI is available here: Request for Information to Assist the Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law

Although residential mortgage lending is only one of the consumer financial markets covered in the RFI, this may be a critical opportunity for our industry to give input that could shape its direction for years to come. The CFPB has indicated that it would consider implementing recommendations from the taskforce already authorized under current law, and would also consider seeking additional congressional authority to implement taskforce recommendations if needed.

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