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Announcing Asurity Technologies’ Enhanced Compliance Disclosure and Closing Document Integration with Fiserv’s Mortgage Director

Asurity’s integration with Fiserv’s Mortgage Director LOS creates a faster, more compliant mortgage origination process at a lower cost and serves as the foundation for an integrated eLending strategy.

2018 HMDA Modified LAR Files Now Available in Peer Analysis and Redlining Analysis Modules

RiskExec successfully integrated the CFPB’s recently released 2018 HMDA Modified LAR files. This data enhances users’ ability to compare recent years performance among peer groups.

Asurity Technologies Awarded HW Tech100 by HousingWire for Second Consecutive Year

Asurity Technologies is honored to be recognized for the second year in a row as a leading regulatory technology company in the housing and financial services industry.


What Is S.2155 And Is My Institution Exempt?

The what, why, and how the latest HMDA exemption, S.2155, impacts institutions across the industry.

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Prescribing Lifelong Innovation

Prescribing everyday solutions rather than one-time band-aids can yield a business infrastructure which is always forward-looking.

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The Housing Market’s Hidden Investment Gem: The USDA Guaranteed Single-Family One-Time Close Construction Loan

Providing affordable housing where it’s needed most and guarantees for lenders in areas where they’re typically less inclined to go not only benefits rural homeowners, but also the economy.

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Modernizing The Community Reinvestment Act

Ensuring banks receive full credit for their LMI community work means allowing for context, freedom, and customization in contemporary CRA approach.

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Asurity Technologies Expands Into Services

Asurity Technologies expands its operations into mortgage closing and fulfillment.

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Why Dodd-Frank Reforms Are Good For Business

A decade after Dodd-Frank was created to protect consumers a new set of reforms aims to balance it out and revive the local mortgage market.

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The ABA RCC Experience Podcast & Andy Sandler

Andy Sandler chats about RegTech, banks, and marketplace strategies at the 2018 ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference.

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